Thursday, 5 April 2018

(Not Completed)

Name: Korina Undinia 

Age: 539yrs

Gender: Female

Species: Cthonian/Katagaria

Height: 5'6


The Katagaria were born animals that could take the shape of a human, although their main attributes were solely animalistic. Their loyalty and protectiveness reached no bounds. Their cousins the Arcadians where however locked in a permanent war with the Katagari. The complete opposite, Arcadians were humans that took animal form and thought of the Katagari as lesser, savage beings.

One infant was birthed by a wolf Katagaria who planned to site on the only pup birthed until the infant shifted from wolf to human and back again. It was completely unknown for any Katagari or Arcadians to shift since they hit puberty at approximately the age of 25. Panicked and revolted, the mother abandoned her child in the middle of a desert and cursed it's very existence as a freak of nature.

A Cthonian heard the lonely cries of the small babe, and immediately took her under his wing, naming the youngling Korina Undinia, Greek for Maiden of the waves. Highly appropriate for his hobby of surfing. Savitar, a being of imaginable power that could bring down the Gods. His race was few and far between, who protected humanity from the wrath of the gods. He also took it upon himself to police the Katargari and the Arcadians where he had actually met Korinas mother. So in truth he decided to raise his daughter rather than abandoning her, unlike the mother.

Korina grew up in sheltered arms, protected and cherished by her father and hidden away from the human realm until she finally persuaded him to let her grow up.

Unfortunately a couple of God's from the Egyptian pantheon had taken interest in the young hybrid.

After a long traumatic life within the belly of the Egyptian Gods, Korina escaped, changing her name to Aztec Lootah as she is currently known in the present.

// To be continued. Korina is based soley from the Dark-Hunter book series. Great books, I recommend them. Anyway she can be placed in different AU's, she isn't restricted.